Sunday, August 19, 2012

Newest TotF Entries

Tasting the Forbidden Fruit - Escaped convicts caught in a storm, seek refuge and medical care. A young Novice at a Catholic orphanage unsuspectingly opens the door to trouble.

Indiscretion - When everyone around you would think it's all wrong, why does it feel so right? A tale about a man, a woman, and their secret desires.

The Boss's Daughter - Bella, an eighteen-year-old high school senior, is instantly attracted to the slightly older new officer down at the station, but will their age difference and the fact that her father is his boss stop Edward from being with her?

Saved by Sin - When Bella is taken to a convent to protect her life, Father Edward shows up. She prays to be delivered from her lust for him, will she succeed or will she be saved by sin?

In Mates -Bella Swan never thought that she would end up working in a correctional institute. But she needed a change from the mundane, and well, she may have found just what she was looking for within these prison walls.

Illicit Unintended - It was a union that was never supposed to happen, an affair that took over her life and altered it. Unable to keep him from advancing, can Bella keep her brother-in-law away and save her marriage? Or should she give in on what could possibly be what was always meant to be? Perhaps fate will make the decision for her.

Illicit Desire - Married blissfully for 10 years, Bella continues to watch over her free-spirited mother who longs for a love like Bella has found in Edward. When Alice sees a new man come into Renee's life, Bella is compelled to see for herself whether he is worthy and discovers her singer along the way. Can she fulfill her desires and keep her peace of mind?

Good Medical Practice - Bella's husband needs surgery, but all she can focus on is his doctor. Dr. Edward Cullen struggles to do his job when his patient's wife is so tempting. Luckily, the hospital has plenty of spare beds for them to use.

A Love Like This - Bella's life changes in a heartbeat when she meets a beautiful, shy Edward Cullen at a summer concert. Before they get a chance to start, a shocking discovery has them questioning everything…everything except the way they feel for one another. Edward is her teacher. Bella is his student. They'll stop at nothing to overcome the obstacles standing in their way.

Project Protection - Bella is desperate to get free from her over-protective father and live the life of a normal eighteen-year-old. Edward supports her and convinces Charlie to let her leave the house. Unfortunately, she has a dangerous encounter that puts her off freedom, but Edward is there for her and helps her see how good life can be.

Story Hour - Librarian Isabella Swan adores the classics. She reads them daily to the kids in the Children's section, and they listen to her every word. All the while, a mysterious stranger watches her from nearby. Can fiction become reality and make all of Isabella's wildest dreams come true?

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