Friday, August 31, 2012

More Taste of the Forbidden Entries!!

Tonight's the deadline so entries are pouring in! Here are the newest ones...

Beyond Inappropriate - Bella's best friend Esme's son is also her son Jasper's best friend, and either way, she wants him baaaad! Don't judge, Edward wants her, too. And he's a MAN now, in Law School and everything! Should they? NO! Will they? Well of COURSE! All human, all BPOV.

Not a Little Girl - Edward spends Saturday nights playing poker with the bachelors of Forks. He has the utmost respect for his new friend Charlie, but when Charlie's little girl comes home for the summer, it turns out she's not a little girl at all.

Higher Education - High school teacher Bella feels stuck in a dead end job and in life, when school starts again for another year. New student Edward just might change her feelings about her job and possibly her life.

For Everything There is a Season - Her life has changed in the blink of an eye; she needed a new start, in a new city. What she finds is more than she thinks she deserves. E&B

The Gift - For it is in giving that we receive.

For I Have Sinned - She is my Heaven. She is my Hell.

A Sexual Journey Home - Bella is a divorced mother of two and goes on a sexual journey. Some may find her secrets kinky or taboo, but it works for her. After raising her boys to young men, it is time for her. What does she discover on her journey?

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