Meet The Team


SoapyMayhem - Author of Hot Bubblegum, A Taste of Honey, and Within Reach. TwiFicPics Moderator, Banner and Manip Maker, and host for the Tales from the Void Contest, and the Driven to Desire Contest.

SexyLexiCullen - Author of Quiet Storm, Weather The Storm, Story of Us, Instructions Not Included, Class Act, and A Hard Day's Night

coldplaywhore - Author of Room15, Maybe I'm Falling For You, Lack of Color, American Boy, and American Girl.

beegurl13 - Author of Worship, Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range, If He Would Have Been Faithful, and What Hurts the Most.

drotuno - Author of The Gravity Series (Blood & Glory, Sin & Innocence, Smoke & Mirrors) and the Angel Series (Broken Angel, Angel's Embrace, and An Angel's Promise)

les16 - Author of The Breakers, The Greatest Gift, The Path We Choose, Watching Her, and Drumsticks and Penalty Kicks.

Secret Keepers/Emergency Betas

TwiMarti - Moderator for Project Team Beta, and Beta for SoapyMayhem, AngelGoddess1981, FoxxyJ and many others.

Lisa Hollett - Staff Member for Project Team Beta, TwiFicCentral, Sparkly Red Pen, and Emergency Beta Service, and Beta for CaraNo, SexyLexiCullen, JenJadeEyes and many others.