Friday, August 31, 2012

A Few More Tonight!

As the deadline is closing in we will be posting the final entries – all the ones that came in at the last minute! Here are a few of those, though there may me more...

Silence of Sin - The one woman Edward desires is the one woman he shouldn't. When a surprise guest arrives at his family's summer retreat, lines are blurred and lives are irrevocably changed.

My Forbidden Fruit - At ten, she was told he was her forbidden fruit, but now eight years later, she is back to have her forbidden.

Daddy's Little Girl - Thirty-seven year old Edward needs to find a nanny for his girls. Will he find an older, experienced nanny or a young, sexy college student who needs a helping hand? Lemons

Unspoken Relations - Bella has a steamy encounter in a closet with a stranger. But is he really a stranger?

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